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Name:Nia's Muse Box
Posting Access:All Members
Hello, I'm Nia ([personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler) and this is my musebox. In an effort to get a little bit more practice in RP, I am going to open this up and sort of practice with muse-boxing. If anyone wants to, they are free to comment on any of the character posts that I shall have up. I'll make a thread for all of my characters as I add them and usually it will be icon-specific. (if I have an icon of a character, I generally do have a muse.)


Final Fantasy II/Dissidia
Fironel/Firion - [personal profile] roseinthewind

Final Fantasy IV
Rydia of Mist - [personal profile] aethermist
Prince Edward of Damcyan - [personal profile] estrelas
Rosa Farrel - [personal profile] themeoflove

Final Fantasy VI
Relm Arrowny - [personal profile] godscradle

Final Fantasy VII
Zack Faire - [personal profile] fairestream
Tifa Lockheart - [personal profile] falconsdive

Final Fantasy XIII/Dissidia
Lightning Farron - [personal profile] lightningclock
Oerba dia Vanille - [personal profile] tearawaysmile

Final Fantasy XIV
Cid nan Garlond - [personal profile] wingsofgarlond

Bravely Default
Edea Lee - [personal profile] relightmyfire

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Series
Miles Edgeworth - [personal profile] ruffledjustice

Tales of Symphonia
Colette Brunel - [personal profile] brideofmartel

Tales of the Abyss
Guy Cecil - [personal profile] girlallergy

Tales of Vesperia

Estellise Sidos Heurssein - [personal profile] angelicacirclet

Tales of Graces

Asbel Lhant - [personal profile] talesofyourmom

Tales of Xillia 1 & 2

Leia Roland - [personal profile] havestickwilltravel
Ludger Will Kresnik - [personal profile] crazycatfella

Tales of Beseria/Zestiria

Eizen - [personal profile] redskymorning

Miku Hatsune - [personal profile] justsing

Hanato Kobato - [personal profile] jarofstarcandy

Nightrunner Series
Alec i Amasa - [personal profile] blackradley

Izaya Orihara - [personal profile] gokillyourself

Gensomaiden Saiyuki
Cho Hakkai - [personal profile] smilingbeast

Sailor Moon
Michiru Kai'oh - [personal profile] mirroredsiren

Axis Power: Hetalia
Feliks Ɓukasiewicz | Poland - [personal profile] howaboutapony

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Kurogane Yu - [personal profile] samuraigrump

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Nia Teppelin - [personal profile] inediblesquid

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Sayaka Miki - [personal profile] merdelune

Once Upon a Time
Princess Aurora - [personal profile] sleepbyfire

Game of Thrones
Margaery Tyrell - [personal profile] rosebower

Harry Potter
Severus Snape - [personal profile] vere_adeptus

All muses are property of their respective creators/series. Granted, I have headcanon for them but I can only take credit that, and not the actual property of them.

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